Be Fortune 500 Ready

Individually Customized Corporate and
Group Seminars For Greatly Increased:
Retention - Comprehension - Speed

"Find it, Understand it, Remember it!"

Over the past 29 years, this program has been highly endorsed by such companies as Parker Hannifin, Akron General Medical Center, FirstEnergy, NASA, Owens Corning, STERIS, Lubrizol, Centerior Energy, law firms, education institutions, newspapers and others.

  • "In a few short weeks the transformation has been amazing. The pile of paperwork that has been a regular sight on my desk is gone, and my retention of critical facts and data is up dramatically. Now I can find, mark, and retain information from trade journals and technical data sheets at an unbelievable rate.

    From a time management standpoint, this is the single most effective tool you can have in your arsenal."
  • Fred A. Wisen, President,
    North American EDM Supplies Inc.

Statistical Averages of Results from Recent Seminars

  • Starting Reading Speed (Words Per Minute): 205 W.P.M.
  • Ending Reading Speed (Words Per Minute): 667 W.P.M.
  • Starting Retention/Comprehension Level: 49%
  • Ending Retention/Comprehension Level: 93%