What are the benefits?

the DU Power Reading program

Even without training, your Innate reading abilities are already at a 650 Word-Per-Minute level with good comprehension.
D. U. Power Reading will "Unlock" that ability and develop it even further.

What kind of Dollars $$$ and Time savings can business expect from Dean Ulsenheimer's Power Reading Program?

Mid-level managerial personnel spend (on the low side) an average of 2 hours per day (10 per week) reading items that must be read in order to function at their jobs - memos, reports, manuals, supply and production data, etc.
  • Much of this material is not read as well as it should be and most of what should be read to remain competitive is not read at all.

For Everyone Who Participates in a Dean Ulsenheimer's Power Reading program

  • The 10 hours normally allotted to reading material is reduced by half or more, while comprehension and retention levels increase 80-100%
  • Translated into dollars at a minimum of $20.00 per hour, this means that in just two weeks, an employee will have saved the company more than the cost of the entire program for that employee.
  • The materials read will be comprehended and remembered, rather than glanced over and forgotten.
  • Time saved can be spent doing more dollar-productive work for the company or reading the materials that make a well-informed and more highly competitive employee.
  • Through many endorsements, participants have noted how reduced stress from decreased reading loads has enabled them to perform more effectively at work.


Other Business-Reading and Information-Search Problems that Cost $$$!!

  • Because someone "misread" or "did not read" important memos, letters, procedures, sales data or other pertinent business information -
    how much time was lost? Production errors made? Procedure accidentally duplicated? Sales opportunities missed?
  • How many trade journals with information pertinent to a business area have been set aside because there was "just not enough time" to digest them?

What about online Materials?

  • How many E-Mails messages were errantly deleted because someone didn't have the time or search-skills training to see what they had to offer?
  • And how many online articles that have yielded important information about new trends in a business field or in competitor's business were not read for lack of time?

All of these scenarios result from a lack of Concentrated, Focused High-Speed Reading Skills. And each of these unopened doors to business opportunities costs money --

Lots of it!