About Dean Ulsenheimer

And the
DU Power Reading program

Dean Ulsenheimer has worked in the steel fabrication industry as a project engineer.  He has also served as adjunct faculty English instructor at two local community colleges.  In addition to being a speaker and published writer, he consults to management in the development of instructional programs for effective communication skills.

As for my program:

I became critically aware of the need for effective reading skills from working in both the academic and the business worlds.  As an engineer, I encountered many mistakes made by others who misread or did not read vitally important technical details.  I saw thousands of dollars lost when a process, integral to the production of some unit, was omitted or needlessly duplicated, simply because someone did not read the details of a procedure manual or an office memo.  And when it became necessary to become familiar with a new process or design, those persons who could, through their exceptional reading skills, cover the volumes of information available for understanding the new approach were the inventors and engineers who made their companies outstrip the competition.  I developed DU Power Reading for businesses to maintain their competitive edge while relieving employees from the stress of information overload.

Dean Ulsenheimer