Endorsements by some of the participants in the
DU Power Reading program

I have taken other speed-reading courses over the years; your approach was different, with a variety of techniques for pre-reading, skimming, high-lighting, and developing purpose for each item read.
Dennis Jarvela, Vice President Corporate law — Owens Corning

Aside from the instruction on speed reading, the information on previewing and skimming has already permitted me better organize my time and make decisions between important and non-important documents.
Steven LaTourette, Lake County Prosecuting Attorney and now Ohio Congressman,

After taking your course, I had a 31/2 hour flight to Phoenix and was able to nearly finish a 250 page book on a technical subject on the plane.
Tim Murphy, Corporate Finance --- Lubrizol.

A number of attorneys have commented on how your program has assisted them in increasing their productivity.
Dale Kondas, Chief Assistant Prosecutor — Lake County

I now read with greater confidence in picking out the important part of material. Your methods are used daily for the types of reading you specified them to be most effective.
Robert Bauer, ACTS Experiments office — NASA Glenn Research Center

This is one of the best seminars I've attended in a long time.
Charlie Caldwell – Chief of Police, Hunting Valley.

I find more time is available to complete tasks and assignments because of reduced reading burden.
David Lockwood, Senior Engineer — Regulatory affairs — Davis Besse Nuclear Power Station.

It helped me increase my reading speed and comprehension. It was a great benefit, and I wish I could have taken it years ago. Many tools were provided that will help with improving time management skills.
Connie Bollin, Director, Cancer Treatment Center --- Akron General Medical Center.